Synaptic SEO Architecture

The objective of SEO architecture is to raise the visibility of your professional ‘need pay-off’ for the benefit of relevant audiences. Synaptic take an overall  strategic approach to web architecture. This approach integrates our own sites with our partner sites where we can assist and apply the necessary digital synergies and third party endorsements.

SEO Architecture relates to the way in which web sites are designed to bring their contents to the attention of search engine spiders, and is therefore fundamental.

SEO Architecture goes far beyond pure editorial profiling and is a philosophy that needs application via a mix of communication tactics aimed at relevant audiences. The SEO strategy always places the needs of the patient at the heart of the functionality including blogs, news items, news feeds, landing pages, SEO pages and other support editorial pieces. There is literally no end to what can be done, however, it is critical that the priorities are understood and the necessary actions implemented by skilled web designers, word smiths and finally with author approval.


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