Inbound Marketing – Synaptic and the semantic web

Traditional methods of marketing are based around your ‘angle’ or  ‘positioning’ i.e. what it is you stand for (as well as how you differentiate yourself from others, it’s your ‘brand’). The famous marketing expression is; “it is not the sausage, but the sizzle that sells the sausage”. Identifying the ‘sizzle factor’ starts with elucidating the essence of your message and then pin pointing how that essence translates into a synaptic connection with your client. There are numerous examples where you know the product immediately simply by stating essential alternative words e.g. ‘real thing’. A current television advertising campaign ends with the synaptic strapline, ‘hotel? Trivago’. Music products too fully understand this concept and often throw in prosody for good measure, the mention of Gary Numan will trigger a base line matching with the words (lyric), “Here in my car”. Synaptic connections are incredibly powerful tools for creating brands.

Synaptic medical Inbound marketing is about ‘attraction’ rather than ‘promotion’. In essence this means that you need to be attractive and know how to attract the people who you want to attract. Of course, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and you cannot be attractive to everyone, but you can make yourself attractive and available for those who seek – and this is down to enabling semantic marriages, or a meeting of minds.

What does gaining customers from semantically related market segments mean? And what is meant by semantics? In essence the logic according to Wikipaedia - is that there are mathematical tools (algorithms ) used to estimate the strength of the semantic (as opposed to syntactic) relationship between units of language, concepts or instances, through a numerical description obtained according to the comparison of information supporting their meaning or describing their nature.

The success of Synaptic lies in our ability to apply the theory in digital practice, to use all available tools, to accept that there are minds far bigger than ours working on the algorithms and to be guided by what works.


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