About Us

Synaptic Ltd are experts in digitally connecting patients with needs to professional medical services. 

To be effective, this requires a detailed knowledge of patient pathways and healthcare operating environment combined with the technical ability to translate this into attractive and user-friendly web applications. Healthcare clients have services that have been designed   to respond to specific patient requirements and the needs of the patient are central to all service delivery and communications activities. Synaptic Ltd understand this and provide digital solutions to connect both parties. The identification of the patient need is normally characterised by the symptom(s) or the diagnosis. This is the natural starting point, but patients have other needs including choice of healthcare professional, access to medical teams, information on therapies, facilities, accessibility, friendliness, geography, and availability.


Patients are increasingly accessing services online. Synaptic Ltd work with healthcare providers to build appropriate and attractive healthcare web applications designed to provide choice, easy access and medical functionality – for patients and for healthcare professionals.


The three critical factors for Healthcare Inbound Communications are:

  • Understanding medical provision
  • Understanding patients
  • Knowledge of Professional Digital Healthcare publishing

Without the above knowledge and relevant experience strategies all too often risk coming ‘unbound’.


  • Synaptic Ltd advise on and build tailor made de novo web applications specific to service requirements.
  • Synaptic Ltd are a digital healthcare communications company who coordinate and maximise professional communications and inbound marketing activities.
  • Synaptic Ltd operate a number of leading independent healthcare communication platforms that incorporate inbuilt Inbound marketing functions from multi-channel SEO to social interactivity and patient satisfaction feedback mechanisms. When utilised alongside existing marketing strategies these provide a unique digital marketing synergy that maximises results and return.


The different types of patients (service users) can be characterised at a number of  levels including the more obvious therapeutic areas, communication skills, age, choice of channel and technical know-how. However, the more traditional segmentations can also include ‘informed’ patients, requirements for information (e.g. knowing the doctors and their outcome performance), ease of access, waiting times and quality of associated facilities. Synaptic Ltd provide the technical know-how and flexibility to meet these differing needs in a measurable manner.


We specialise in Drupal powered website development and are experienced in the development of e-commerce, mobile optimised, search engine friendly websites for the healthcare industry.

The concept of inbound marketing and communications, which focuses on enabling patients to find and interact with service providers, is well established. The approach requires a professional platform with high quality content, relevant functionality and SEO architecture to enable multi-channel SEO, blogs, RSS news, landing pages and social media. We assist our clients to attract patients via the appropriate channels by providing both trusted information and functionality.


Our clients include hospitals, clinics and individual healthcare providers.